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William D. Downall
Professional Summary

Bill Downall is a database management consultant, author, and educator. He and his wife, Chris, do business as Downall Consulting Services LLC    .

Bill has developed applications and consulted for many businesses, in the fields of financial services, insurance, retailing, membership management, education, human resources, medicine, government, recreation, and even swine genetics. His consulting services include systems planning, database design, Internet and Local Area Network application development, documentation, and trouble-shooting.

Bill holds a Masters of Science degree from Dartmouth College in the management of information systems. Before becoming a consultant, he worked as a Database Specialist and Project Manager for Bank of Boston. He wrote the Bank's Systems Development Standards and Procedures manuals. Bill also worked for a software development company where he designed and managed the development of curriculum-based educational software tools, including database managers, spreadsheets, and word processors.

Bill's articles have appeared in Data Based Advisor magazine and in the technical journal The R:BASE Exchange. He has co-authored several database management seminars and books presented and published by David M. Blocker and Associates, Inc, including Advanced SQL QueriesIntroduction to Database Management Using R:BaseAdvanced R:Base Programming, and Advanced R:Base Forms and Reports.

Long ago, Bill was an elementary school teacher, a broadcast journalist, and a syndicated radio comedian.

Christine Samia Downall
Professional Summary

As an information systems consultant, Chris has worked with clients in:
  • Application requirements and design: leading and facilitating clients' efforts to define business processes, data and work flows.
  • Solutions in the areas of fnancial services, health and life insurance, government services, and higher education.
  • Technical oversight: providing technical direction to the development staff in design and implementation of systems.
  • Quality Assurance: developing test plans and executing the plans. Validating that a system supports the functions as defined, and performs as expected.

In 1993, after eleven years with IBM's Professional Services organization, Chris left to join Bill in the family business. From 1988 to 1993, she served as the Professional Services' branch manager for the Midwest office. In this position she was responsible for as many as 50 professionals providing consulting and services to Fortune 500 companies and state and local governments in Indiana and Kentucky.

Chris is also a paralegal, and works part time in a law firm specializing in elder law cases.

Chris holds a Masters of Science degree from Dartmouth College in the management of information systems.